04 February 2008


This morning I read my horoscope like I usually do every morning... not like I think they are true or I plan my day according to what they say but sometimes they have strickingly accurate "readings". For today this is my horoscope:
"It may be hard for you to think straight today, dear Leo. More than likely, your brain is acting out in short, erratic bursts that keep you guessing as to which way to proceed. Avoid mental confusion by taking periodic checks during the day in which you come to center and separate yourself and your feelings from the situation and drama around you. Don't pretend you understand something if you don't. If something doesn't make sense, question it."
This could be true for countless people today, not just all those Leo's out there. But it hit home for me. I feel erratic and confused and sucked into daily dramas I despise. I've also been sick since Thursday-ish so maybe that leads me too feel these things... How can one person produce so much snot?!... sorry bad mental picture. I, like most normal people, hate being sick. But this is the second time I've been sick since November. My immune system still isn't used to the cold I suppose. My numbers had been great until yesterday - I was in the 200s all freaking day and even this morning. I checked about an hour ago and was down to 154. Could it be the meds I took? I took a shot and a half of Nyquil before dozing off around 11pm, other meds have been in pill form [other than my insulin obviously] but I'm wondering if OTC meds have anything to do with the highs I had all day... I didn't eat much for lack of appetite and I even pushed myself to workout but after about 15 minutes on the elliptical I gave in because I was really short of breath on the lowest level. I rested and went another 15 minutes on the bike which was easier but still my breathing was restricted. Hopefully my cold will pass soon and I can get back in the gym. I've been a little obsessive lately...
I have an endo appointment on Thursday with a new endo. I found one closer to where I live but I pretty much hated her. There's a long waitlist [called in December] for Dr. J so we'll see how she works out. I'm not the best diabetes patient and have little patience for incompetent docs like my first endo out here... she got canned 2 minutes after I "stepped into her office". I have a right to be picky. I don't settle for just ok. She will be tested and I hope she's up for the challenge that is me! ;)
This has been a random, thought-scattered blog brought to you by yours truly.
Take care.

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Naomi said...

When Daniel gets a cold his numbers run high, even without cold medicine. He doesn't like taking cold medicine because it makes him feel fuzzy. Anyway, I think the high numbers are a side effect of the cold.

Feel better soon!!