29 May 2009

More of the Same

So the other day I had my 3rd or 4th visit to the DRI since January. I still absolutely love it there. Dr. M is great and keeps me in check. She burst my bubble though because I haven't been logging my life so I started to log my life... what I eat at what time and what my BS is and how much exercise I get... throwing in my weight too so I can keep track of that better. I gained a few pounds since the last visit which I am not too pleased with... but it could just be muscle because I've been working out ridiculously. Most of the morning lows I was having at the previous visit are done and gone. We changed up my Lantus regime and have been playing with Novolog doses. Hopefully, by my next visit I'll have this down better. There are so many factors that affect BS levels sometimes I just want to give up. After 9 years, I was getting worn down but Dr. M and my CDE are amazing and have been a great addition to my hectic life. But really, what else can you do?! C'est la vie.