28 January 2008

Cause for Celebration?

I know it's still almost 2 months from now but it's just something that I was thinking about... 15 March 2008 will mark 8 years of living with diabetes. 2920 days. 12000 tests or so. Countless injections. Tears. Laughter. A lot has happened in 8 years, I've graduated high school and college, found AYUDA, went to ecuador, moved... a lot, and just had the ups and downs of daily life. Things keep happening even though at times you wished they would just stop. You force yourself to stand even though you're not sure if your knees are strong enough to hold the weight of your body, still you stand.
I was just wondering if anyone else 'celebrates' their anniversary. I've always done something small... usually with my mom but I've been thinking of doing something bigger... like taking a trip... trying to take time off and get away for the weekend, maybe alone, maybe with friends... I don't know. Do you do anything special to commemorate this crazy life-changing day?! If not, why?


Erin said...

I'd love to celebrate with you if you decide you want some company ;)

Naomi said...

I wonder what we'll do? I think we will acknowledge the date, somehow. I'll never forget it... I think it will be important to do something so Daniel knows how happy I am that he's here!