27 August 2008

Mind Games

Woah! Time has FLOWN by!! It's already been a month since my great adventure to Miami. Things are going very well. I still love Miami and I still hate Miami traffic/drivers. Monday was my first day of class. I have 3 classes. All at night, for 2.5 hours. Not bad... I get to enjoy the beautiful, sunny Miami days and then go to class at night. Works out perfectly. For whatever reason, my bs has been horrible today. Haven't had a number starting with a 1 all freaking day before class i was over 300. Not a great way to start class... but it's corrected now FINALLY but I also just injested way too many carbs... but hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal... whatever that is. My 3 classes are: Intro. to Environmental Health, Community Organization for Health Promotion and Intro. to Epidemiology.
Oh! and ps I got a scholarship for half my tuition this year!!! Amazing news for my bank account :)
Ok that's all I have left for tonight. I'm going to watch a movie and crash.

Hasta luego.