07 February 2008


My veins have been sucked dry! Ok... maybe I'm over-exaggerating... juuust a little... I must admit the phlebotomist was excellent but I worried her a little because before she wrapped the blue elastic band around my arm I told her I get light-headed after a massive blood-letting and asked if they had juice handy just incase... she said no and told me I should go to the cafeteria, around the corner just passed the blue sign, before she draws the blood because she doesn't want me to pass out. But since I live on the wild side I told her no and just to go ahead on with it already so I could get outta the hospital. One little poke, I barely felt it, and the blood started flowing... 1..... 2...... wow you're taking a lot of blood today huh... no reply.... 3............... 4................. after that she needed me to pee in those impossibly small pee cups. Oh the joys of going to the endo.
Speaking of... this was my first time going to this endo and I think she'll do. Very nice and her assistant doctor lady was also very nice and put up with me during the "history" session of the appointment and also the Q&A about why I don't want a pump, pens or an Omnipod. The office was also pretty timely. I could have done without the receptionist. My appointment was for 10 and I saw the doc around 1030... I've been to much worse. Dr. J also gave me a pop quiz because she doubts my mad carb counting skillz and I passed with flying colors...
Dr. J: so if you're at 150 and you're about to eat 45g of carbs how much insulin do you take?
Me: [oh give me something harder!] well... I'd correct with 1 then do 3 for the carbs so I would take 4.
[Ding ding ding!!! bells and whistles blaring, the trumpet sounds, woohooo I won, I won!! Yay! what's my prize?? You get to continue having diabetes!!... Oh..... fine.]
We talked a little bit and she advised me to get software to download my meter onto my computer... nifty idea, I think I shall... she also wants me to get my A1c lower and I oblige, it could be lower. It's a goal. We casually make a date to see eachother again in May. That would be nice. Then I offered myself up for scarifice in the Quest lab downstairs since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and I was at a satisfying 134... thus began the massive blood loss.

Good times.

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Naomi said...

Congrats on the good endo! And I love that little cartoon!