15 October 2010

por fa please

I am alive today because of the insulin I inject myself with on a daily basis. I have met kids who do not have that "luxury". Living a healthy life should not be a luxury, it is a right - for every human being not matter their age, race, nationality. I have met kids who were literally dying because they had no insulin - on dialysis at 20 years old. What kind of life is that? Having seizures multiple times per month because they were never properly educated on how insulin works and how to use it. What kind of life is that? As a person with diabetes, I know what it's like to live with this condition but others - like the kids I work with in Ecuador - aren't so lucky. The daily ups and downs of diabetes is a constant struggle and to add the cost of medications and test strips and doctors visits on top of all that can, at times, be too much to bear. But, today, I am alive because I am able to inject myself with insulin - daily. 24/7/365. This is my reality and I want it to be the reality of the children with diabetes in Ecuador (until there's a cure). Insulin isn't a luxury. It's the life of a child, a friend, a sister, a father. Insulin is life.

Please help with a small donation or even by just passing along this message. you have to power to improve someone's health - someone's life.

"A lack of education is just as dangerous as a lack of insulin".

To donate please visit: www.firstgiving.com/julieburke or http://www.ayudainc.net/ and mention "Julie" or "Pancreatically Challenged" or both in the memo :)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

happy birthday.

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