22 October 2010


warning: i may offend you.

...these kinds of stories make me SO ANGRY! "1 in 3 people living in the US will have TYPE 2 diabetes by 2050." Know why!? Because Americans just keep getting fatter and fatter and lazier and lazier. Proof is in the pants size. Yes, there is a percentage of the type 2 population that is at a greater risk due to genetics, blah blah and not because they are fat and lazy... but nowadays, that is not the case, generally. Get off your butt and get to a gym people. Workout. Wake up your pancreas and tell diabetes buh bye. Know why?! BECAUSE I CAN'T!!!! If I could simply not ever have to inject myself ever again by going to the gym everyday & eating healthy, know what I'd do? Yup. Go to the gym. every.freaking.day. But oh wait. I do. And I still have diabetes - TYPE 1 DIABETES. yay.
I am so sick of telling people that 'no, there are 2 types of diabetes and i'm type 1, not type 2' then explaining the difference because no one seems to know unless they have a family member with type 1. ugh. As I've said before type 2 needs a new name. It's not the same. Our conditions were not created equal.
When will type 1 diabetes get the recognition it deserves!? When was the last census taken solely of people living with type 1 diabetes in this great nation of ours and not clustered both into the same category of "diabetes"? I've yet to see actual numbers that separate the two. It's always a rough estimate of the actual type 1s based on the 10% rule of the reported cluster.
While I'm at it.... What's a girl got to do to get people to donate to diabetes causes like they do to cancer causes? Breast cancer has a color. Guess what, so does diabetes. Know what it is?! Know the IDF symbol for diabetes? Just how many lifestyle choice/preventable diseases will the government continue funding whilst over-looking other biological conditions like MS and type 1 diabetes.... ::sigh::
I'd say I'd give up but I can't. I'm not done fighting this battle yet.

you have been warned. and maybe offended. and i don't care.

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