01 May 2008

I'm Cured!!

I totally didn't have diabetes yesterday. It was awesome. Racking up 70s and 90s ALL day not one number that didn't start with a 7 or a 9. This morning, I'm sittin' pretty at 105. Yeah, Baby! I like ::borat voice::. My dad said it must have been the wine tasting. Who knew... all I have to do is drink... er taste... 20 different kinds of wine and ::BAM:: I am cured.
Ok maybe not. I still had to take insulin.... blah blah blah... whatever! Let me bask in my fabulous non-diabetes diabetes glory!! ::muahahahahahaha::
Hopefully it continues today! I have another endo appointment on Cinco de Mayo. This time I'll be ready. I got bloodwork done the other day on my lunch break so it should be in by tomorrow [so they say]. AND I finally figured out why I couldn't upload my meter to the Co-Pilot program to get all the readings on my meter onto nifty little statistical charts and such. Dr. J will be soooo impressed............

To a wonderful Thursday!

PS Ugly Betty's on tonight!! It's definitely my favorite show. ever.


k2 said...

congrats on your diabetes free day. sounds as if wine does your body good good!!!
show your endo whose boss on monday!
I will b watching the office tonight, that's my favorite. love ugly betty 2!

u and your blood sugar rock!

Naomi said...

Yay! And you can thank us, because we took all those ugly high blood sugar numbers away from you and kept them for ourselves!! :)

jules said...

ugh it totally came back with avengance today! high. all. day. i let myself slip a lot this week food wise so i need to get back on track ASAP.