03 May 2008

These boots...

...were made for walkin and that's just what I'll do!!
Ok maybe not in boots... but you get the point.

Tomorrow is the big JDRF DC Chapter, Walk for a Cure. I raised my goal and am super excited about that and it only took a few days! Thanks again to everyone who donated, your kindness is greatly appreciated :) It's amazing the things we can do when we do it together!! Like AYUDA says, Juntos somos mas fuertes!!
The walk starts at the National Mall with the beautiful monuments as a back drop for the 5K. I'll probably get there around 9:30 with the 'rents so they can register... and the walk starts around 10. This is my first walk and I can't wait. Knowing myself as well as I do though... I'll probably get all emotional and start crying.... I'll have to remember to put a tissue in with some glucotabs... and water... and sunscreen...

Keep an eye out for me and come say hi if you recognize me... I'll be wearing an AYUDA t-shirt and shorts so my Casperthefriendlyghost legs can get some color.
On another note. Today, I went to the EU Open House of the Embassies here in DC. My favorites were Portugal, Bulgaria and Latvia. Ireland was highly disappointing and Luxembourg is hardly worth mentioning. Bulgaria really got into it, as I think they all should have. Really showed off their culture with people dancing in traditional garb in the street and upon entering there was a table with Bulgaria wine and apps. Yall should know by know I love wine. Portugal was also very interesting. They showed a quick film about Portugal... enticing me to want to catch the next flight out... and the Ambassador was actually there, shook his hand and listened to him speak briefly and learned that he really likes pens.... I even won a t-shirt. They also had a delicious Portugese port wine and a special pastry cake thing. Latvia was neat because the embassy itself is obviously very old and I love creaky old wood floors... it was decorated in a very gothic style with great art throughout. If you're in the area when they do this next year I would highly recommend visiting those embassies. Next weekend some others are open so maybe I check them out too... who knows... we shall see.

Well... time to rest up hope to see you in the AM!!

Walk On.


Naomi said...

I didn't see you at the walk! I was looking for the AYUDA shirt!

Funny -- my parents went to the EU embassies open house, too!

jules said...

There were sooo many people there! Had I been with a team and wore bright orange shirts like "Sara's Soldiers" or the cute blue ones for "Bailey's Buddies" I think it would have been easier... I was just one among many. Did you enjoy the walk? It was a lovely day!

Alissa said...

Hey! I can't believe that was your FIRST walk! I've been to two and had a blast at both of them. It's a special event. Congrats on reaching your goal. Hope you had fun!