29 April 2008


FYI for anyone in the DC area and of legal age... the JDRF is hosting a wine tasting at Occidental Restaurant ... 1475 Pennsylvania Ave NW, WDC 20004. It's goes from 6-9 and costs $35. $10 will go toward the JDRF and I'm guessing the other $25 is for the yummy French and Spanish wines and apps being served :) There will also be the wine producers to talk about their yummy wines... if anyone cares.......
I'm going after work soooo maybe I'll see yall there!!

ok update time...

Went with my parents which is always fun [and no i'm not being sarcastic!] We laughed at each other for a few hours, ate some cheese and truffle puffs and some biscuit things that tasted like goldfish crackers, drank... a lot.... it was great. There were about 22 different wines to try from France and Spain. I had about 20 of the 22... I don't know how I'm writing this right now honestly. And yes, I took the metro home.
::public service announcement:: Drinking and driving is bad kids don't do it.
Had some ah-mazing wines four of which I would very much like to purchase for future consumption... as well as one hotty hot hottie french guy... oh well I guess I'll just have the wine. I did run up an leave my email on the sign in sheet. Hey you never know what could happen, right? Ok a girl can dream.

Still buzzing.....


oh! ps: This coming Sunday [May 4th] I'm doing the JDRF walk to cure diabetes, starting at the National Mall. Are you?? It'd be great to finally meet some of yall :) or if you can't walk please donate!
I'll probably be wearing an AYUDA t-shirt so be on the look out!

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