17 April 2008

Quick Life Updates

I'm sick. Again! What is this!!?? It's like payback for all the times in the last few years [pre-east coast living] that I didn't get sick. Blah. It's mainly in my throat. It's sore and scrathy and runny all at the same time. Gross. Other than that I don't feel so bad but I definitely need to get back in the gym because I've taken time off to try to recover but that hasn't helped so I figure I should just go anyway. I got up to 370 on Tuesday. Tuesday sucked. Took me forever to get down and then I got to 80 and felt like ca-ca. Stupid sickness rollercoaster highs and lows.
Today I'm feeling better numbers have been decent but I've been going crazy everytime I see chocolate [ladies understand] so I'm skipping dinner to "make up for it". Sooooo excited tomorrow's Friday. And the weather is supposed to be another gorgeous day... in the 80s even!Have plans in the works for the weekend. One of which is on Sunday for an Earth Day Celebration at the National Mall! Fun!! If anyone's around maybe I'll see you there :)
I still miss my Bitsy. I keep finding her fur around the house, on my clothes, on the floor, everywhere! It seems like she's still around even though I know she's gone. Life can change so quickly.
More changes still..... for instance, I've decided to move. Again!! I got accepted into the Master's program I wanted :) But this time... back south. Way south.... Miami!!
I'm going to FIU for my MPH [master's in public health]. Super excited. Nervous. Happy. Ready. Anxious. I'll be homesick the day after I get there I know it. But I'm sure I'll find something to do before school starts. I'm going down in July. School starts 25 August. YAY!!!

like the wind.


Anonymous said...

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k2 said...

Throat issues suck! however, chocolate issues are not that bad, just a major fact of life!
Hope U R feeling better!

Naomi said...

Wow!!! Big changes! I checked out FIU's site, and the program looks great!

I totally understand about the chocolate.

Did you get swamped in the rain at the Earth Day celebration? That was nuts!!!

jules said...

thanks!! i'm really excited to go but not at the same time... i feel like i just got here and finally with my family again and now i'm leaving. but in all reality... i'll probably be back. all the jobs i want to do are out here!

didn't end up going to earth day fest... too rainy and i was still sick so i didn't want to make myself worse!


Diane J Standiford said...

Take it easy for a bit. This too shall pass. Hey, I'm highlighting your blog on my blog today. Take care.