16 January 2008

Help AYUDA Win!!

So I talk a lot about AYUDA so you most likely know a little bit about the organization.... ooor maybe not.... AYUDA is an amazing non-profit [citizen-sector] organization that helps children with type 1 diabetes lead healthier, happier lives. AYUDA holds a summer camp [Campo Amigo] for children with type 1 throughout the developing world. Our first camp was in Ecuador and we have continued having Campo Amigo for over 10 years in Ecuador. There are now programs in places like Bolivia, Bermuda, Croatia, Mexico and Belize.... I have been a volunteer at Campo Amigo Ecuador for the last three summers. AYUDA is a small but growing non-profit, always in search of help. Which leads me to my point - Parade Magazine is having a contest in which AYUDA could win $50,000!!! All you have to do is donate a little bit yourself. The organization with the most donors [not the greatest donations] wins. Below I have posted the link and I hope you are able to donate, if not pass on the word!! The contest ends at the end of this month [january] so spread the word fast!! To learn more about AYUDA please visit the ever-changing website. To donate and help AYUDA win $50,000 please click on the link below or on the cute little widget on the left side of your screen :)


Thank you for supporting!!!
Much love.

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