27 September 2008

What the #@*^?!?!?!

So this morning around 7, I wake up because I feel low... so I stumble out of bed... grab a glass from the cabinet and open the fridge to grab the carton of juice. ::shake shake:: pour myself a glass and take a sip... what the?!?! this juice tastes like... soy milk. It took me a minute to realize that I was, in fact, drinking soy milk and not juice so decided I should actually have some juice because soy milk won't work fast enough. Pull out another glass, take out the actual carton of juice ::shake shake:: pour. As I'm drinking I remember what people used to say about mixing orange juice and milk... ever heard that? Supposedly if you drink milk and oj you'll throw up. So with the theory in the back of my mind I'm wondering if I'll start gaging any second now... but no. Apparently it isn't true for soy milk and pineapple/orange/banana juice combo... just so you know. But it was a weird sensation to say the least.

Good way to start off your day.

Happy Saturday!


Ashley said...

i've heard that too about juice and milk. something like the cement mixer drink they force you to drink on your 21st birthday. its baileys that you have to keep in your mouth until you suck the juice out of a lime...the acid curdles the cream and makes this gross alcoholic cheese....i bet orange juice would curdle milk just the same. uck!

glad you didnt puke.

jules said...

never heard of the cement mixer but omgoodness ashley that sounds disgusting!!