10 September 2008


I'm slipping.


Not sure when it started... but I think I've finally caught myself... maybe... I just uploaded my Freestyle Flash meter into the Co-Pilot program so I can track what I'm doing... Apparently I haven't been doing much testing. I've only an average of 3.4 checks per day in the last month. Not good when trying to "control" my bs. And my Tuesday AM average is waaaay higher than it ever should be and Saturday averages are practically non-existent. Also, when I went back to DC in August I was supposed to go visit my endo. Did I? Nope. I slept til 11 because I didn't get to sleep til 6... but I did manage to wake up for enough time to cancel said appointment. I need an endo in Miami. Any suggestions? ::sigh::

Time to get back on the ball.


k2 said...

Hang in there kiddo -
Focus on todays numbers, not the numbers from yesterday you didn't check!
I don't know any Miami endos, but I did "Google" on your behalf!


It's a start! ;)

jules said...

hey!! thanks so much for google-ing that you're awesome! :)
hope you're doing well