16 July 2008


I am officially on the road. All by myself. I left Maryland at 1pm today and made it to Raleigh, NC by 8ish. So I checked into a Holiday Inn and set my wake up call. I'll be out of the hotel by 9am and back on the road south. I-95 all the way down to Miami. The air in NC is amazing. So fresh! I love it :) I'm really excited to see SC and GA [other than ATL because I've been there a few times...]
My numbers have been great so far. No highs, no lows, just great. Which makes the trip soooo much easier!! I stopped for a late lunch early dinner at Shoney's. Salad bar and mash potatoes... an odd craving but exactly what I wanted! mmmmm
Ok. It is bedtime. Gotta get my rest before the drive!

keep on truckin.

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