26 July 2008

Just Breezy

I have now been in beautiful Miami for a whole week. I'm having mixed emotions but mainly just loving life in such an interesting city. I have been exploring [sometimes unintentionally] the many different sections of South Florida [So Flo for you hipsters out there] but nothing is very far from my new casita. My absolute favorite thing is to drive over the bridges at night coming back from South Beach and seeing all of the buildings and other bridges lit up. It's breath-taking and always brings a smile to my face. By sheer chance I have a friend who moved to South Beach about a month ago from Ecuador. We met in Quito at Campo Amigo about 3 years ago now and it is so amazing to have such an amazing person with you on this crazy journey we both seem to be on through Miami life. AND to top it off he has diabetes too. I love being with other people who are type 1 too. haha Call me crazy but it's comforting... great to have someone who "gets it". I definitely cannot complain about anything at the moment. My dad also has a theory that the happier you are the better your numbers will be... so far it's working ;) Just a few highs in the past week and a couple lows but other than that things could not be better. Still need to get back to my workout routine. My workout for the past few days has been carrying and unpacking boxes...
Super excited to start school again too. Classes start on Aug 25 but I'm heading back to DC for a week to celebrate my bday aaaand go to the DC Salsa Congress. Can't wait!!!!!!

Life is good.
[I took the foto on North Beach on a tranquil Wednesday afternoon ::sigh::]


Naomi said...

Ahhh, what a beautiful picture! I'm glad you are safe and sound in Miami. And how great that you have a friend there to share it with!

I miss the beach. :( Enjoy it!!!

k2 said...

Glad to hear that your enjoying Miami, the beach and everyting that goes with it! Especially glad to hear that you have a friend ( one who carries smarties for unexpected lows) who can enjoy it all w/ you!