06 December 2007

Say it aint snow

I can't believe I live here. It snows here... a lot. It's cold and wet and my Southern blood is not yet ready to do battle with the icy winds of the DC Metropolitan Region. However! There is light at the end of the tunnel... well... for a week at least. I'm packing up and heading out to Tampa tomorrow where I will then board the Carnival Cruise Fun Ship on Saturday to go to such glorious [and warm] sounding locales as the Grand Caymans and Calica, Mexico. This is my first cruising experience and I have some worries... Titanic-esque and diabetes-esque.
This will not be your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill cruise though - because I can do nothing average [unless it's the GRE]. This cruise will be a salsa cruise. That's right people... salsa, mambo, chacha, bachata... all week... with some of my favorite people coming along for the ride. But all this excitement poses another problem... lows... That is a lot of exercise going on. I feel like I'll need to stock up on glucotabs and juice boxes for my salsa extravaganza so I won't have to miss a beat on the dance floor. Oh the joys of packing, I swear if I didn't have diabetes I would be able to pack sooo much lighter... that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Although I also have the feeling that some really high highs will sneak in because I hear that there is no shortage of food aboard these floating dance floors. So maybe I'll need an extra bottle of Novolog... I wonder if it's possible to use and entire bottle in one week...
I like to make packing lists, it helps me remember things. It also makes me wonder what 'normal' peoples packing lists look like... what do you mean you don't pack extra syringes in your carry on?! hmmm...
To pack:
extra bottle of Novolog and Lantus [in case of breakage and/or abundance of food]
extra test strips
tank tops
extra needles
tennis shoes
flip flops
dance shoes
cash money
fancier dress for Captains Dinner..................

Ay, ay mate. Over and Out.
Captain Jules.

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