16 December 2007


The cruise is over and I'm finally back on dry land... although I still feel as though I'm on board swinging and swaying with the waves. This vacation has taught me a few things.... 1. don't go on a cruise for 5 days 2. cruises are way over-rated 3. Playa del Carmen, Mexico is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to [Calica is not an actual town]. 4. anything is possible with diabetes... well I already knew that I just like to reiterate it... often. 5. bring your own alcohol. 6. internet costs 24$ an hour and room maintenance is not included.
I had a good time with my friends. We get along well until, apparently, we're stuck with each other with nowhere to go. At times I think one of us would have thrown another overboard but we all managed to get off the boat in the proper manner without too many claw marks. But lesson learned I suppose. No more cruises for us. Next time we'll fly to a beach.
In diabetes news though, he behaved quiet surprisingly well. I had a few lows but there is enough sugar on that boat to save an entire village of people with diabetes, simultaneously having a hypoglycemic episode, at any given moment. That is to say, the food was delicious... well dinner was anyway. Such succulence! Such culinary delight! I had steak just about every night. My pre-cruise body needless to say lasted about a day. C'est la vie.... it was worth it. I tried to stay away from dessert as much as possible... not for diabetes sake but for the sake of my stomach showing in a bikini the next day. Carbs were a little difficult to calculate but that was easy enough to fix and I was back to my daily jaunts.
Great dancing. Great destinations. Great food. But I'd rather be on land. Glorious land.


Naomi said...

I'm glad you had a lovely trip! There's nothing like a bone-meltingly warm beach to make a person feel good. Happy to hear that the diabetes behaved as well.

Erin said...

hmmm so maybe cruises aren't that great! you made me reconsider this as a family vacay for sure...