30 December 2014

no limits

I recently came across a post on Facebook that made me stop and say wow. I couldn't stop clicking through links and pictures and then I realized I'd been clicking for over an hour and being totally inspired by this journey. I'm not sure who this person is, not even sure what his name is but I'm inspired by his journey and passion.

I'm referring to LivingVertical. So many times we've all heard or thought that something was now impossible because we've been diagnosed with T1D. Well, this guy broke down all of those stereotypical thoughts by rock climbing his way around the States and living out of a car. All while managing his T1D the old fashioned way. It almost makes me want to do the same, except I've only been rock climbing three times or so (once actually outdoors) and I don't think my cat would do well living in a car. I'd need an RV. Definitely an RV. He also takes amazing photos. Something that I'm also passionate about. His journey has planted a new line of thinking in my head and now I feel inspired to do more. To live harder and more passionately without thinking I have limits just because I have T1D. What would you do without limits? What are you doing because you know there are none?

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