03 September 2007

New York New York!

Over the weekend I went up to New York with some friends for an event and had an amazing time. However, my control was not so great. I would just totally forget to check sometimes and go eat then check later because I felt high and sure enough... I was... realizing I didn't check before we ate. Taking a vacation is not an allowance for taking a vacation from being in control. It's not like I wouldn't check because I didn't want people to see me... I was with my friends they're used to it by now. It just slipped my mind when everyone around starting to eat, so did I without knowing my BS level. I'm kind of mad at myself for doing that but then at the same time I'm not becasue I'm home now and I know and can get back in control. Although, I should have been more careful. One day though, I only needed to take 2 units of Novolog and the regular 20 of Lantus and I was still low later on in the day! We did so much walking and dancing and a little bit went a long way. That was a fun day.
Does this happen to anyone else? Control just 'slips' your mind because you're on vacation?

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