15 March 2011


today is my 11th diaversary. 11 years. wow. it's amazing to think over the past years of all the injections, tests, doctor visits ... and just the changes in general, really. since 2000 - i've graduated college, started working/volunteering with AYUDA, moved to Texas [thanks Katrina], moved to Maryland, moved to Miami, graduated with a Masters, got my heart broken, moved back to Maryland and began life anew. all the while being vigilant of my blood sugar thanks to my broken pancreas [& stronger for it]. i'm not trying to say i'm amazing, but let's face it - i'm awesome. though i'm not the picture of perfect health, in every other aspect of my life i do all i can to live well and so far, i am.
so today, on this 11th year of my dx, to celebrate the awesomeness that is me, i'm going to have a cupcake. then i'm going to capoeira. then tomorrow will come and be just another day.

to tomorrow.


carmen2u said...

Keep up that feisty nature! That is a tell-tale sign that as life doles out its punishments, you're willing to give back a bit of your own. Go on with your bad self!

I'm reaching out to some bloggers tackling diabetes, so you are on my radar. I am working on a start up project called Life Guide Institute that launches online next Monday, bringing doctors and patients together for private and public chats, among other activities. This is a global project, so we have doctors from the U.S., UK, Japan, Latin America, and we're expanding beyond that. One of the first topics we'd like to entertain is emergency preparedness for patients with diabetes, led by Dr. Mark Ryan, our multilingual super doc (a.k.a. @RichmondDoc on Twitter). We're also considering having a chat session led by one of our psychologists in discussing how to use social media to assist teens with diabetes.

I wanted to know if there are certain topics that you think we should consider that don't get enough attention. I also want to extend an invitation to you and your site's visitors to join in the chat when we officially announce the date for the event.

Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Carmen Gonzalez

J-Lifer said...

Hi Jules! I was looking to start (another) blog about T1D when I chanced upon yours! I actually wanted your url. I decided instead to chronicle the hassle I've been through in my adventures with diabetes. I'd love to get added to your blogroll :)