23 August 2007

My first blog!

Aw isn't it cute! It's my first blog.

I wanted to start this blog because I've been reading so many blogs and articles on diabetes by people using terms and words that I don't like. Also, I think it will be a great stress-reliever for those days when I want to throw my meter out the car window when I'm going 90mph. Don't lie you've had those days, too. I'm also interested in what you have to say so speak up!

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Julie. I just turned 24 and I've had diabetes since 15 March 2000 - my junior year of highschool. Yikes! Currently, I work at AYUDA, Inc. in Arlington... http://www.ayudainc.net/. AYUDA strives to empower youth to become leaders of social change within diabetes communities around the world. It's a mouthful but it works... I'm proof of that. Every year, we do summer camps (Campo Amigo) for kids throughout the developing world with type 1. This past summer was my third camp in Ecuador with AYUDA and hopefully not my last. I'll explain more later. Here are a couple pics of my campers from Campo Amigo Ecuador 2007 :)
Peace. Love. Insulin.


susie said...

hi just want to say you are an inspiration to fellow diabetics, my son has type 1 aged 9 since he was 2 and will let him read this blog if thats ok?



jules said...

please do! (you may want to screen first though... depending on my mood of the day... i never know what i may write...)

Bernard said...

Great pictures.

It looks like you've got good students. Welcome to the blogosphere.